Hello, I'm Chris



Director – Digital Marketing Transformation

I own the vision and maturation o INVSITA’s Digital Marketing group, building new competencies and lines of business, and drive programs and efficiencies into our IT and operations functions.
  • Define and drive Digital strategies for INVISTA including key growth initiatives and a new ecommerce line of business
  • Own and manage digital roadmaps and digital properties strategies, connecting them to business goals and vision
  • Own the overall Business to IT relationship and accountable for driving IT investment


Prior to INVISTA I spent a decade doing business consulting for Fortuen 500 reatilers and specialized in Digital Transformations.

Specialties: Business Consulting, E-Commerce, Customer Experience Analytics, Retail, Information Technology, IoT Solutions, Product Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Business Development, Team Leadership, Program Management, Vendor Management, Strategic Planning

Additional interests: Advanced analytics, Data-driven decision making, Customer experience quantification

Unify Business and IT

Today's leading organizations have a unified Business and IT strategy that enables growth and anticipates needs across the enterprise; one without the other leads to frustration and organizational frustration.

I have spent my career helping organizations align Business and IT strategy, planning, and execution - from program planning to orgizational design and capability and partner development.

Partnership and Vendor Managment

Today's solution landscape is evolving faster than ever - SaaS, cloud, edge, big data, advanced analytics and visualizations, artificial intelligence, automation, stream processing, Meta-analysis, IoT - and that's just a small sample. I have a track record of helping the enterprise match client needs to suppliers and then faciliate, manage, and grow those relationships.

Program design and delivery

Much of the work I do is focused on 'what' and 'how' to move from current state to a new way of working; This can be as small as process modernization or as large as an entirely new business model.

In either case, I help businesses understand, define, and navigate change. For a longer form on what I do, see how Gartner describes Grow and Transform

Structured, Data Driven Innovation

Change is happening faster than ever before; Competitors adapt, markets change, and business needs evolve. Leading organizations mitigate these risks with structured innovation programs - designed to discover and address challenges in a given area of the business.

I help clients build and run these programs, and to repeat what 'works'.

Work & Client Experiences